Need Of the Hour

STOPCOVID is a blockchain platform that promotes trust in social projects fighting the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic by transparently tracing the impact of aid.



Identify needs in an agile way aligned with social organizations on the ground.
Generate efficiencies in crisis management to maximize available resources.
Generate a transparent and effective governance system to respond urgently.
Mobilize the power of small groups and societies to deal with the Pandemic situation.


Provide the crisis with an environment of trust and transparency to minimize the risk of fraud.
Allow interoperability between entities to co-manage resources.
Achieve SDG targets while meeting local regulations through auditable ledger traces.
Track the movement of the CSR funds efficiently and effectively


Immediately align the needs caused by the direct and indirect impact of COVID-19 on the population.
Know the impact created by each contribution.
Enhance trust in the system and be motivated to support causes close to their heart


It allows social entity projects to mitigate the effects of the COVID-19 crisis to receive donations and non-monetary contributions from citizens, companies, and public or private institutions in a simple and transparent way.
It allows you to align v olunteering.
Smart contracts to establish technical criteria and ensure that only permissioned / legally sanctioned entities can manage projects.
DLT allows detailed monitoring of the application of funds received.
Social network to discover other like-minded entities supporting similar initiatives.
Team collaboration features to coordinate funds management and justifications
Nullifies the possibility of fraud
Open access to project details, objectives, expected impact, geographical/social/economic impact, the execution timelines, and the financing needs.
Detailed and real-time monitoring of every active project, regardless of whether it is managed by one or more entities.



The platform was born with the mission of aligning the needs of the population with public and private resources on a digital platform - a philanthropy first social network cum marketplace. 

It has been acknowledged by European Commission (Shortlisted as a finalist in the Blockchain for good Awards) and United Nations Technology Innovation Lab (UNTIL) as a key partner in delivering aid. 

Cateina and Comgo are the two anchor entities developing the platform. With strengths in building tech and delivering efficient solidarity, they have teamed up to bring transparency in social initiatives.  

Cateina is an Indian tech company led by Sanachit Mehra and is building an open platform enabled by Blockchain, AI, and Open APIs. 

Comgo is a Spanish social company led by Manuel Hurtado and Arancha Martínez, who has been working for three years on a social network for philanthropy.


Promote the platform in India and other countries, the way it is done in Spain